Social Software in Corporate Contexts

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Notes on 'Social software on corprate context'

Presentation by Thomas N Burg

Demo of NEXTspace, tool developed between 2004 to February 2005 and sponsored by Austrian ministry of economics and work. The tool and is used as a project communication tool for projects funded by the ministry or by EU or of by other organisations..

The tool merges tagging, blogis, wikis, calendar, feed aggregator, etc into one application to be used in corporate context. Shares some similarities to enterprise wikis like Confluence or Socialtext, that didn't exist at the time of the development.

Goal is simplicity, especially for space owners. Space is a container of members and chosen tools. All content (posts) are authored through the same interface, the chosen type will define where it will be published (blog, forum, cakendar, etc.). The content types are blended so that a wiki post can be an event, an event can be commented etc.

If you want to testdrive got here (Thomas) 09:12, 30. Sep 2006 (PDT)