BarCamp Senza Confini 2008

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Sponsors Barcamp SenzaConfini 2008

Telekom Austria


Kleine Zeitung

Wirtschaftskammer Kärnten




Wirtschaftskammer Kärnten Unternehmensberater & IT

IT Campus

Uni Klagenfurt

Hypo Group Alpe Adria

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Ed Wohlfahrt



Welcome at a BarCamp with - Senza Confini - Keinen Grenzen - Brez Meja - No Borders!!

BarCamp Wiki


When? Feb 2nd and 3rd, 2008

Where? Alpen Adria University Klagenfurt

What? An Unconference for topics around technology, web 2.0 and social media

MEETING-POINTS: Friday, 7 pm, Uniwirt (pub next to the university) Saturday: Checkin starts at 9 am at the university!

Infos: Campus Map & Survival Guide

WiFi: Login-Site

What is a BarCamp?

BarCamp is an un-conference for topics around technology, web 2.0 und social media. the idea comes from the Silicon Valley where the first BarCamp took place August 2005 in Palo Alto. Since then more than 200 BarCamps have been organised around the world.

Quote of the first organisers: A BarCamp is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from participants.

BarCamp SenzaConfini 2008 ...

  • ... is a non profit event
  • ... aims to bring geeks from Slovenia, Austria, Italy and other places together
  • ... will bring you loads of new ideas
  • ... will be financed exclusively by sponsors
  • ... is open to anyone, the participation is free and it does not cost anything
  • ... has no spectators, just participants. Everyone is supposed to take part in the one or the other form. Either by holding your own session or by helping the organizers
  • ... is only making the frame work. The detailed program will be finaliced at the site. It is all YOUR BarCamp!
  • ... allows everything, nothing is forbidden! Only the general topic is set: technology, web 2.0, social media.
  • ... will be as good as you make it!

Here's a short video from Barcamp San Francisco 2006, which states the idea of Barcamps (with Tara Hunt, Tantek Celik und Ryan King):

<embed style="width:400px; height:326px;" id="VideoPlayback" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src=""> </embed>

What's in for you?

  • A massive load of knowhow in technology, web 2.0 und social media
  • You get to know what your neighbors are up to when it comes to these topics
  • Contacts with many of closeminded people and experts
  • Interesting talks in breaks and during sessions
  • Evey participant will get his/her own t-shirt
  • You will get free food and drinks
  • Web-access via Wifi by the University of Klagenfurt (ZID)

About BarCamp SenzaConfini

Klagenfurt applied for the Winter Olympics in 2006. The city didn't do it alone, but together with its neigbors in Slovenia and Italy. Although the bid did not succeed, it had been a great idea that inspired people in south and north of the Alps: Celebrating sports in love and peace. Together, united and not seperated.

This happened in a region torn apart of wars, antipathy and missunderstandings.

We want to celebrate our love for technology, social media and the web yet again. In February 2008 the idea of BarCamps will connect Austrians, Slovenes and Italians. This region is the only point in Europe where the roman, slavic and german culture come together in one place.

BarCamp SenzaConfini will be held mostly in English!

Econmioes are in dire straits, but I can count on this!

Your ToDos!

  1. Register at the wiki as a Participant
  2. Think what you can contribute
  3. Tell others
  4. Come to the BarCamp, learn and share your knowledge

Wer steht hinter dem BarCamp Kärnten 2007?

Das BarCamp wird nebenberuflich organisiert von:

  • Daniela Terbu, Expertin für Social Media
  • Ed Wohlfahrt, PR-Berater, spezialisiert auf Social Media
  • Georg Holzer, Freier Journalist der Kleinen Zeitung (Wirtschaft und Technik)
  • Michaela Greiler
  • Werner Ranner
  • Horst Gutmann
  • Thomas Pasterk
  • Martin Gratzer


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Google friss: BarCamp Kärnten, BarCamp Klagenfurt