BarCamp Senza Confini 2008

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This is just an announcement for what's to come!

Klagenfurt applied for the Winter Olympics in 2006. The city did not do it alone, but together with its neigbors Slovenia and Italy. Although the bid did not succeed it had a great idea that inspired people in south and north of the Alps: Celebrating sports in love and peace. Together, united and not seperated.

This happened in a region torn apart of wars, antipathy and missunderstanding.

We want to celebrate our love for technology, social media and the web yet again. In February 2008 the Idea of BarCamps will connecting Austrias, Slovenes and Italians. It is hosted at the "Alpen-Adria-University of Klagenfurt", the only point in Europe where the roman, slavic and german culture meet come together in one place.

Curous what your neigbors are up to? Stay tuned, there's much more to follow!