Welcome to BarCamp Alpbach 2015

The BarCamp Alpbach is envisioned as a forum where participants of the European Forum Alpbach and external participants get together, talk about their own fields of interest and connect them to others.

The overall topic of the BarCamp is “Let's cross-fertilize”. Starting off from the forum's general topic “Inequality”, it should bring together people from the different seminars and conferences to share their ideas and knowledge with others. New forms of creativity, participation and self-organization are emerging. Many of these are related to the digital world in which we live. New concepts of democracy, security and knowledge are challenging traditions and long-established institutions.

Share your questions, contributions and topics for discussion from all fields of research and practice. You decide in which way you would like to present: give a talk, start a discussion round, or even raise a question targeted at the other participants.

Participation is free of charge. We look forward to seeing you there!

Request for topics / proposal for sessions / documentation

wishes for topics to be discussed ...

proposals for presentations, discussions etc. ...

Date and Place

BarCamp Alpbach will take place on August 24h, 7 pm at the European Forum Alpach. For registering and updates please visit

Sessions Plan

0 - A (Basement)

20:00 - Blog dich frei 2.0 (Claudio Schiesl)
16:30 - Kaffeepause
17:30 - Zukunft der Barcamps (@Roblen)
18:30 - Schamane/in? (Tom Reischl)

0 - B (Basement)

0 - C (Basement)

0 - D (Basement)

1 - A (1st Floor)

1 - B Speakers Cornern (1st Floor)

2 - A (2nd Floor)

2 - B (2nd Floor)

2 - C (2nd Floor)

2 - D (2nd Floor)


Stefan Kasberger: mail []