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Open Space - Face to Face communication

Erich Kolenaty

What is it

A philosophy of creating space between people and at the same time a technology to proceed from there.

How does it work

There may be some hot topics in a group of people. Someone could invite people to the space which is centered around his topic, and bring them together with a little structure around it. The people form a circle and a introduction is made - What is the general direction, What are the limits, and the After this the participants bring in topics which are centered around or connected to the overall space topic (think brainstorming with discussion). People are invited to take notes and the result should be presented in some way. Wikis could be used to accomblish this and to communicate with other sessions. Morning News and Evening News are used to collect outcomes of and outlooks for the session.

- The first one is the right one. - The law of the two feet (Everyobody is resposible to check if he or she is able to contribute or learn, if you don't learn or contribute - go to a place where you can learn/participate or have fun)

How can you experience

High "Energy" Level - High degree of participation, concentration. Open Space is driven by passion,resposibility and freedom.

When does it work best

Burning Question - responsibility for the passion Volunteers Complexity Wide range if different people from different fields. "Decicion time is yesterday" (Contributes to passion because its burning)

You need

Space, Ressources for documentation.

[1] http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_Space [2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_space_conference