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Proposals and Topics[Bearbeiten]

Um für das UxCamp 2012 zu sehen was auf Ressonanz stösst oder um den Anderen eine Ahnung zu geben was kommen wird, tragt hier bitte geplante Sessions und Wunschthemen ein. Die finale Session-Vorstellung und Planung erfolgt jeden Tag am Beginn des Barcamps.

Geplante Sessions: Tragt hier eure Präsentationen, Lightning Talks oder Diskussionen ein. Geplant sind 45 min Blöcke, für Lightning Talks eventuell kürzer. Aber es kann auch Aktionen geben die paralle und länger laufen. z.B. war die Barchair-Session beim Barcamp Vienna 2010 sehr genial: Video.

In order to know which topics or sessions could be interesting to talk about at the UxCamp 2012 and to give an impression what sessions you can contribute please add session proposals or topics you are interested in. The final session planning will be at the beginning of each day of the Barcamp.

Session proposals: Add your presentation, Lightning Talk or discussion in the list. Slots with 45 minutes are planned, for Lighting talks you also can plan less time. It's also possible to think about some activity that could take longer like the Barchair-Session at the Barcamp Vienna 2010: Video.

Geplante Sessions / Session proposals[Bearbeiten]

  • Sugar Human Interface is the core of One Laptop per Child. Its goal is to turn the laptop into a fun, easy to use, social experience that promotes sharing and learning. And there will be some XO-Laptops in the area. --Christoph Derndorfer (@random_musings)
  • Lasst Personas Arbeiten! Personas helfen Dienstleistungen und Produkte zu Entwickeln, die für Nutzerinnen und das Unternehmen Sinn machen. Ich zeige systematische und pragmatische Arbeitsweisen und wie diese in unterschiedliche Projekte integriert werden können. --wieland kloimstein
  • Windows 8 UX Concepts Windows 8 will be published on October 26th. I will talk about the new design principles, challenges and opportunities that are coming with the Windows Store Applications (formerly known as Metro UI Apps). And I'm looking forward to an interesting and probably controverse discussion. --Claudia Oster (@usabilitytalks)
  • I don't like your design - a session about design critique by Petr Štědrý (@vorkronor)
  • Agile UX – Wege zur agilen nutzerzentrierten Produkt-Entwicklung - Rainer Gibbert (@UXDesign_de)
  • Why making and sharing multiple prototypes leads to better design. - Sarah Pötzelsberger (@sarahpoetze)
  • Which UX species are you? Poll&Visualization- at the entrance - Wieland Kloimstein
  • Similarity Based Music Search A product and its struggles - Henning Schulze (http://www.sonarflow.com/)
  • Designing and implementing responsive, fluid UIs to delight end users – best and worst practices for interaction designers and programmers - Michael Klein
  • UX beyond the screen - why you should concern yourself with interactive art / my opinion and hopefully some discussion - Markus Jaritz on Saturday
  • ...

Wunschliste für Sessions oder Themen/ Topics- or Sessions-Wish-List[Bearbeiten]

  • Lean Ux/Agile Ux
  • Argumente für Entscheidungsträger / arguments for decision maker
  • Nachhaltig Ux in Unternehmen verankern / Build a sustainable Ux culture in your company
  • Hands on Workshop: How to design for responsive
  • Wie verändert responsive den Design Prozess?
  • Usability for Intranets
  • Prototyping in general
  • Usability on the dark side - black patterns (darkpatterns.org)
  • gamification
  • Contentstrategie: Design, Entwicklung, Analyse, Messen, Evaluieren, Produzieren…
  • Wabisabi and UX (?land)
  • Measureing and Tracking UX