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30min Redezeit + 15min Diskussion, dann 15min Pause

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Zeit Kärnten (groß) Österreich 1 (mittel) Österreich 3 (klein)
9:00 Frühstück im Foyer
9:30 Intro WUD, UPA, Stammtisch, Newsletter
10:00 Vorstellungsrunde, Sessionplanung
10:30 How To Communicate Wireframes — Wolf Becvar (@wdbecvar) Userzentriertes UX Design, das kommt dabei raus: Mojo, das CMS hinter ORF.atMarius Lessiak Inhouse UX
11:30 UX & the agile world (Basic introduction) — Claudia Oster What is Design Thinking: definition, a process by IDEO and open discussion about other processes — inspired by the Book: Change by Design by Tim Brown (ISBN: 0061766089) — Sarah Pötzelsberger
9:00 Mittagessen von A1 im Foyer
13:30 Case study: A mobile web design project — Max Scheugl What's going on in our brains? — Claudia Oster Frustikus Quo Vadis — Jörd Linder
14:30 FUIP: Prototyping for Android — Borce Stojkovski Open Discussion based on "A Brief Rant on the Future of Interaction" — Dominik Unger (@nungee) Present searchengine startup talk (Givester.de)
15:30 Tools — Werkzeuge, Workflow usw (Wieland.ce) Communication and UX — Whats understandable? — Martin Skoral UX Stammtisch im "Metalab" — @maclemon
16:30 How to talk to programmers — @maclemon Personas Method for small target group: Workshop UX Vereinsgründung — Sandra Murth
17:30 Feedbackrunde
18:00 Ende

POLL "Must reads for usability and experience designers" Here the list of collected books and websites: http://ignaz.at/journal/text/13438952

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