Sunday Senza Confini 2008

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This is a preliminary session plan. Please edit yourself and fill the placeholders if you already know which slot you want.

The final plan will be put on paper and will be open for everyone to edit at BarCamp!




09:00 - Coffee and Warmup

10:00 - TOPIC

placeholder for HS-3

10:00 - TOPIC

placeholder for z-129

11:00 - TOPIC

placeholder for z-109

11:00 - Ideen für PolitCamp && BarCamp Graz

Welche Themen sind interessant? Wer sollte eingeladen/angesprochen werden? Wer möchte eine Session übernehmen?

11:00 - Problems of blind users on the net

(Christian Lendl)

12:00 - Design Rules

Achim Meurer

12:00 - Wie mache ich mein StartUp bkannt

by Olaf Nitz

12:00 - CSS Frameworks


12:30 - Dinner (on-site)

13:30 - Geocaching

The the high-tech treasure hunt of the third millenium.

The sport where YOU are the search engine :)

by Arno Pucher a.k.a. Eol Ruin -

13:30 Panorama World

is a panoramic and information serviceportal & community for panorama photographs with panora walking feeling in pedestrian area, on ship lines, ski slopes, hikingtrail climpingtraks, and indoor panoramics.

We producet wtith our one shot panorama camera a total of 120.000 pictures approxemetly 10.000 360° panoramas Filtert out

for the web 7000 panoramas and 

linked with hotspots in

13:30 - Broadband 2.0

BroadbandSenzaConfini :-)

  • What's the definition of broadband? 128kBit/sec? 1 MBit? 16 MBit down/1MBit up?
  • What's the current market situation in Austria/Italy/Slovenia/...?
  • Why do we need more symmetric bandwidth?
  • How can we create incentives for high-bandwidth last-mile deployments like FTTH?

Alexander List

14:00 - Web 2.0 Social Marketing

FaceBook Naymz & Co (Ritchie)

14:00 - Photowalking

General meeting point for photographers. Short introduction of the concept plus short photowalk across the campus.

14:00 - TAC Boardgame

15:00 - TOPICS


15:00 - Offline Marketing für Blogs

Brainstorming und Diskussion

16:00 - Coffee Break

16:30 - LIGHTNING TALKS #2/2

5 minutes for everybody about anything, your five minutes of barcamp fame :-) Talk about anything you like: favourite blogs, sites, podcasts, introduce your own project, speak about a world revolution or tell a joke.

Alex List was talking about Blons, a small village in Vorarlberg that has done Fibre to the Home (FTTH). orf.on has a [story] on this village...


placeholder for HS-3

16:30 - Windows Live Writer

desktop blog publishing

17:00 - Asus eeePC


placeholder for z-109- RED ROOM


placeholder for z-109- RED ROOM


placeholder for z-109- RED ROOM