PHP Barcamp Salzburg

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The PHP Barcamp Salzburg 2010 is Austria’s first conference to connect the active PHP community with local businesses and developers.

A PHP Barcamp is a regional conference, where people meet, attend sessions and talk about PHP and Open-Source projects. It’s a great opportunity to get to know the (local) PHP community or just learn about PHP and new technologies. After successful camps in Germany, this event is the first one in Austria.



Featured Speakers:

Venue: not yet fixed

Date: May 1 and May 2, 2010

Language: German and English

Registration: Registration is available on this website.

Sessions: After registration, sessions can be submitted in the wiki.

Costs: Donation of a small contribution (EUR 15)

Target position:

The primary goal of this event is to support the PHP community in Austria by demonstrating and promoting PHP-based systems and technologies. Moreover, partnerships between the PHP community and research institutions will be advanced trough networking. Furthermore, a platform is to be created for facilitating communication between community members and people who work in the field of PHP. The regional aspect should also be prominent, as an objective of the event is to bring together active users and communities from neighbouring countries and to facilitate international co-operation.

Target audience:

  • PHP developers from Austria and neighbouring countries
  • Professionals and managers
  • University staff and students
  • Agencies and companies engaged in software development


Austrian PHP Usergroup

Susanne Czerny

Ludwig Ruderstaller

Sebastian Schürmann

Evelyne Selak