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Digital Democracy Camp - Empowering 21st Century Communities[Bearbeiten]

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Our World is changing and so are our means of communication.

How do social media tools change the way we participate in democratic systems? This barcamp gathers people focusing on this and similar questions. We will look at social media platforms and other internet technologies, their meaning in our societies and most importantly their significance towards our everyday work. How can we use the Internet for the realisation of our creativity, ideas, interests and dreams? What does the Internet offer for our organisations? Which tools can we learn to promote our projects?

We have invited participants from 15 countries including regions such as the Middle East, Eastern Europe and the Caucasus among others. They join us in Vienna for a seminar focusing on new tools that have the potential to fundamentally change the way we participate in democratic processes (localdemocracy.eu). We are part of a new paradigm and it's up to us to influence the course.

Key facts[Bearbeiten]

  • Date: April 24, 2013
  • Time: 9-17h
  • Venue: Ragnarhof - 1160, Grundsteingasse 12
  • Public transport access: U6 Thaliastraße (Map)
  • Hashtag: #ddcamp

Your topic[Bearbeiten]

Here you have the possibility to announce topics that you want to discuss at the barcamp. If you already have an idea for a specific session, feel free to share it here. On the day of the barcamp we collect all the participants' ideas to coordinate a schedule for the day.

  1. Internet memes (Planking, Harlem shake, ...)
  2. How effective is raising public's awareness through social media? (Does it work at all!!)
  3. Secure digital communication for activists (not only) in governmental surveillance regions - Silvio Heinze
  4. Liquid Democracy --C3o 16:14, 12. Apr. 2013 (UTC)
  5. Personalisation in Social Media/Internet (filter bubbles)

Participants list[Bearbeiten]

If you intend to come to the barcamp, please either add your name to the list below (by clicking "Seite bearbeiten") or send us a short email.

  1. Wolfgang Sieberth | @rotesieben | www.generationeuropa.eu
  2. Amr Arafa, Egypt | [1]
  3. Igor Novitckii | falcogroup.org | mostcamp.org
  4. Viviane Perdereau Bonnier
  5. Anais de Seneville
  6. Diam Abou-Diab, Lebanon
  7. Stephanie Gosch | generationeuropa.eu
  8. Marjorie Anastacio | generationeuropa.eu | phillada.tictail.com
  9. Ecaterina Neliuba
  10. Tamila Teliashvili | wvi.org
  11. Julia Herbster | @megagut2000
  12. Vladimir Belenkii | aerliber.md
  13. Matthias Galan
  14. Aljoscha Gütermann | @aljoschakonti | [email protected]
  15. Markus Garschall | @wienerlloyd
  16. Martin Fischer | jef.eu
  17. Shouq Masri, Palestine
  18. Shahd Arafat, Palestine
  19. Silvio Heinze | @silvioheinze
  20. Christopher Clay | @c3o
  21. Tanya d'Agostino
  22. Isgard Walla | www.jugendnetz-berlin.de | www.jugendstiftung.org | www.bdp.org
  23. Elisabeth Reindl | www.amnesty.at
  24. Toghrul Alizade, Azerbaijan
  25. Azer Huseynli, Azerbaijan
  26. Aliaksandra Sankova, Belarus
  27. Uladzimir Karalenak, Belarus
  28. Aly Nour, Egypt
  29. Ahmed Khalifa, Egypt
  30. Alexander Scott, Great Britain
  31. Margarita Kurdanalowa, Great Britain
  32. Sophie McDonald, Great Britain
  33. Sara Massini, Italy
  34. Dario Coppi, Italy
  35. Jana Abou Diab, Lebanon
  36. Grzegorz Szynal, Poland
  37. Cristina Mina, Romania
  38. Vasile Nurciu, Romania
  39. Stanislav Tsymzhitov, Russia
  40. Tatiana Shevtsova, Russia
  41. Gerhard W. Loub, BA, Austria | @Svejk | www.loub.at | ÖVP
  42. Paul Schmidinger, Austria | @PaulSchmidinger | www.paulsvalues.at

Organised by[Bearbeiten]

Generation Europa

Supported by[Bearbeiten]

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